Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Postmodernism Project

In general the piece is supposed to depict jealousy.  What emotions are brought upon by jealousy.  As the artist I used a clear picture in the center to show this emotion and then other pictures around the border to show correlating emotions that comes along with jealousy.  For example, annoyed, angry, and a little bit of curiosity to invoke the overall emotion of jealousy we feel.  The colors in the background are primary and secondary color landscape.  Because the center point of this piece is so busy I kept the the colors simple to keep the center point as the central focus.

The idea behind this piece was to be able to see what being jealous looks like.  That if someone says something mean or backhanded to you it is usually arising from some type of jealousy.   The words written in ink in background are the things that will most likely bring on jealousy.  The colors are to show rage with red, the mellow yellow you see when it settles a little, and then blue as the sadness that comes afterwards when you are jealous.  The distorted shape that the piece is put on is constructed in this way to show aggression and that "pulling your hair out" feeling you would get from being jealous.

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