Monday, January 30, 2017

Baltimore Museum of Art

As soon as I saw this sculpture my eye was instantly drawn to it.  I knew exactly who the artist was, Edgar Degas.  When I was 14 I went to the Smithsonian Art Museum and fell in love with his art work.  I, myself am a dancer and was drawn to his focus of ballerinas.  I love this sculpture because it depicts the character, posture, and persona of a ballerina.  Degas is able to capture the mood in this sculpture.


When I walked into the modern art section of the museum (to be honest not my favorite) this sculpture caught my eye.  My eye was drawn to the color and size.  I thought the idea of lips was an interesting idea to try and bring to life.  I appreciated this piece of art because of the ability for it to change as you walked around it.  Depending on where you are standing no one has the same point of view or same experience.

One of my favorite types of art are paintings and more specifically landscapes or paintings that tell a story.  What I liked about this painting is the calming feeling it gave me.  I think the colors chosen: blue, green, and purple give that affect of a relaxing scene.  I could tell the detail precision, and detail the artist put into this peace.  This painting had me absorbed into it and made me feel like I was in the painting and experiencing it.  

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