Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I found this article to be very profound in that it tries to capture what can be thought, yet not always put into words.  The idea of imagination is one that is very hard to grasp and bring to life.  Our imagination is something that our mind creates from words and ideas in order to give a visual representation.  Calvino gives examples through Ignatius Loyola and Dante to show how imagination can vary from person to person.  When we try to project or convey an image in real life from our imagination it typically is the initial image that comes to mind.  The idea of carrying us from our outer world to our inner world is an interesting concept that I have never thought about before.  It is trying to understand this world that is going on inside our minds.  Through art we can try to portray the inner world in our minds.  This is why art continuously keeps people guessing, because we will never truly understand the thought process or imagination of others.

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